Region: Agios Pavlos, Halkidiki
Tel: (0030) 23990 76100
Fax: (0030) 23990 51180
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The Tsantalis family have been cultivating vines, producing wine and distilling tsipouro since 1890. Evangelos Tsantalis founded the first winery in 1938, and in 1970 the next two were created in Naoussa and Halkidiki.Evangelos Tsantalis is one of the largest wineries in Greece.

At present, the third generation of the Tsantalis family is cultivating a total area of 230 hectares at the privately-owned vineyards at Agios Pavlos in Halkidiki, at Maronia in Thrace, at Naoussa, and at the cooperating vineyards at Chromitsa, Mount Athos, and Litohoro, Mount Olympus. In addition, they cooperate, advise and supervise 300 vintners cultivating 400 hectares of grapes at Rapsani, Naoussa, Maronia, Halkidiki and Aridea.

The privately-owned wineries at Agios Pavlos in Halkidiki, Rapsani, Naoussa, Maronia and Chromitsa on Mount Athos have a total production capacity of 183.500 hl.

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