Alpha Estate

Region: Amyndeon, Florina
Tel: (0030) 23860 20111
Fax: (0030) 23860 20132
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Alpha Estate was established in 1997 in Amynteo, Florina, by the oenologist Angelos Iatridis and the viticulturist Makis Mavridis.

The joint-owned 75 hectare vineyard lies at the heart of the PDO Amynteo area, at an altitude of 620-710 metres. The slopes of the vineyard are gentle, the exposure north- western, and the climate semi-continental, favoured by its proximity to Lakes Petron and Vegoritida. A system of integrated management is applied to vine cultivation.

The winery, with a capacity of 350,000 bottles, is located at the heart of the vineyard, and fulfils all the requirements for the production of high-quality wine. Its operation makes use of the law of gravity, based on the experience and know-how acquired by its creators, respecting the principles for the best handling of raw materials. The aging cellar operates under fully-controlled conditions to ensure the perfect conditions for maturation.

The company produces 11 labels and exports wine to twelve countries

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